Here we will explain to you everything you need to know to play hexes.ai
hexes.ai is an implementation of the rule set for the popular board game CATAN®. That's why many players will be able to pick up hexes.ai intuitively.
Unlike playing physically in person on a board playing online you don't have to worry that one of the players will cheat or have a surprisingly differing interpretation of the rules.

What's the goal in hexes.ai?

The player who first scores 10 or more Victory Points wins the game.

How can I score Victory Points?

The point system is equivalent to the system in CATAN®.
    Building Settlements: Each Settlement is worth 1 Victory Point
    Building Cities: Each City is worth 2 victory points.
    Largest Army: The player who played the most, but at least three, knight cards, gets two victory points.
    Longest Road: The player with the longest consecutive road of at least five road modules gains an additional 2 victory points.
    Victory Point Cards: Each Victory Point Card is worth 1 Victory Point.

Where can I see the Victory Points?

On the right hand side in the Overview Menu each player card shows the publiclally known Vicotry Points. Players have to account for hidden Victory Point Development Cards by themselves.

How can I see whose turn it is?

    The active player is highlighted in on the right hand side in the Overview Menu. The clock on top is always colored in the color of the active player.
    There is a colorful border around the active player's info card.
    If it's not your turn all you can do is make Trade Offers to the active player. All other options will be greyed out.

How can I cast the dice?

You roll the dice by clicking on the dice symbols.
If you don't it happens automatically 15 seconds after your turn started.

How can I end my turn?

Simply click the end turn button.

How can I initialize Trades?

You can initialize trades by clicking on the trading symbol or your resources.

Where can I see my Resource/ Development Cards?

The resource/ development cards are displayed in the lower left corner. They are highlighted by the player color. The amount of each resource/ development is indicated by an exponent.
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